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Wreath Rope Dog Toy - Small

Wreath Rope Dog Toy - Small

Deck the doghouse halls with these wreath rope toys. Your dog will thank you.

•100% ECO FRIENDLY, made from natural dyed cotton thread.
•hand tied and naturally fray to act like doggie dental floss.
•recommended for puppies who are teething or for dogs who like to chew, play, tug or fetch.

Since all dogs have different chewing habits, we recommend the following:
• Always choose a LARGE size if you know you have an aggressive chewer (even if you have a 10# dog)
•Always supervise the pet during play and never let the pet eat or ingest any part of this toy.

Available in sizes: small and large

Keep in mind: These toys should stand up better than most toys to your tougher pups. With that being said, these remain fabric toys and there is no such thing as an indestructable dog toy. Safety first, always monitor your dog with any toy.

"A good dog destroys their toys, a bad dog destroys your shoes." -Barker I. Barker, esq
please allow 2 weeks for delivery if not in stock.

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Wreath Rope Dog Toy - Large


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