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“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”

~James Herriot

It is fair to say that cats are professional nappers.  Thanks to recent advances in bed comfortology, we have some great choices for your sleepy kitty.  Whether your furry friend prefers to curl up, stretch out or flop on their side, we have beds, mats and blankets that will make chasing dream mice an even more relaxing experience.  Peruse our our stylish selection of designer fabrics and styles to ensure a perfect match for your home.  Our cat beds are washable and made from pet friendly upholstery fabrics.  Whether going on a great adventure or just around the corner, we have a collection of stylish, safe, and comfortable cat carriers.

donut & cuddler

Our donut & cuddler beds offer your cat a cozy and secure place to curl up. These cat beds have been a customer favorite for many, many years, and are soon to be your cat’s favorite napping zone.

mats & cushions

Our cat mats are easy to put just about anyplace in your house your cat may claim as her own.  Definitely more comfortable, and better looking, than a paper bag or an old t-shirt on the floor.

sofa & lounge

For extra luxe napping, our cat sofas and lounges are a perfect place for any pampered pet.  Featuring super cushy & designer fabrics that are sure to meet the approval of any professional napper. 

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