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"Without my hat, I'm just your garden variety six-foot tall talking cat."

~The Cat In The Hat

Cubs hat? No problem! Sports fans love having their furry friends rooting for the home team on the sofa right along with them. With a little training in kittenhood your cat can enjoy dressing up too! The extra attention and treats garnered from their stylish cat wardrobe are always welcome. We know how important it is for your cat’s clothes to be comfortable, adorable and easy to move in. That’s why our sweaters, hoodies, tanks and t-shirts are carefully chosen by our highly trained staff of cat stylists.

Ensure the best fit, visit our sizing guidelines.

Just right for all of your photo opportunities, our hats, scarves and holiday accessories are picture perfect. Antlers, bunny ears, spring bonnets, angel wings and more! Cat dress up time is fun anytime!

sweaters & hoodies
Older cats & hairless cats who need a little extra warmth in the winter will benefit from one of our cozy, comfortable sweaters or hoodies. Cat clothes are cute, practical and super stylish!

tanks & tees
Keep your guests in line at your next cocktail party. If things get a little hairy call in security…Kitten Security! Cat clothes are actually very practical if you need to keep them from licking a bandaged area or to cover an injury.

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