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"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this."

~Terry Pratchett

Don’t you forget it either: demonstrate your devotion with adorable, elegant, and stylish cat collars. Keep up with the latest fashion with a unique designer cat collar. Keep them safe with built-in safety mechanisms such as breakaway or elastic bands that allow your cat to safely extricate himself from any sticky situation he may get into. Ribbon and fabric as well as high quality, comfortable leather cat collars are a must for any self-respecting fashionable feline.

Ensure the best fit, visit our sizing guidelines.


From a pink cat collar with skull & crossbones style for your rocker kitty to baby blue with classic enameled cherries, our buttery soft leather cat collars are the epitome of fashion, style, comfort and safety.

ribbon & fabric

Safe and stylish, our ribbon cat collars are available in a wonderful array of playful patterns. Choose a hand-sewn, made in the USA, breakaway cat collar from our super cute collection.

featured item: bluebird collection

The bluebird of happiness will surely visit your furry friend while wearing one of our adorable ribbon collars. One of our popular cat collar styles features birds, a great argyle and a fun swirling graphic pattern.

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