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"Cats motto: No matter what you've done wrong, always try to make it look like the dog did it."


For those furry friends who prefer redecorating with their claws we offer a number of irresistible options that will keep your carpets, doors and upholstery intact. Cat scratching posts and cat furniture provide an appropriate outlet for a natural cat behaviors. Check out our options for frisky feline “decorators” everywhere - the scratch lounge, ultimate scratching post, couchette and more. Your human decorator will approve, as our cat furniture is created by top designers. At barker & meowsky you get great style with purrfect functionality.

tips and tricks

Keep your cat happy and out of trouble—having a “scratch appropriate item” in your cat’s favorite rooms. Try sprinkling loose catnip (or tasty treats) on or around the scratcher to make it all the more exciting.

featured item: ultimate scratching post

The Ultimate Scratch Post allows your cat to get that good stretching scratch they so need and enjoy! With the optional perch attachment, its the perfect cool down spot after your cat’s scratching workout routine.

featured item: couchette

Designer Elizabeth Paige Smith has a fresh take on cat furniture. She told us that part of the fun of her designs is that after years of use your cat will transform the scratcher into their very own sculptural art piece.

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