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"I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult.  It's not.  Mine had me trained in two days."

~Bill Dana

Despite what you may have heard, cats are trainable.  With the right treats and enough commitment, your cat will be changing its own litterbox in no time (well…maybe not).  We choose only the best cat treats, made from safe, natural, and wholesome ingredients.  Our loose catnip is great for freshening up old toys, making cat scratching posts more exciting, or just adding some zip to a lazy day.



We offer enough tasty and tantalizing choices to keep the most finicky of felines happy and engaged. Using our treats as a reward is a terrific motivator for meowsky, especially when used in our enrichment cat toys.


Our catnip is fresh, safe, and some of the strongest on earth.  Use it to freshen up old favorite toys or sprinkle a little here and there for a fun surprise.  Since catnip’s potency comes from its natural oils, remember to crush it up a bit to activate. 

featured item: wildside salmon

Wild Alaskan Salmon cat treats are 100% natural, freeze-dried, and made with no preservatives or byproducts. Your cats will camp out in front of the treat jar for these delicious and healthy high-protein snacks. Great for training or just showing ‘em your love.

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