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dogs : beds & carriers

"A dog teaches a boy perseverance, fidelity, and to turn around three times before lying down."

~Robert Benchley

Whether your furry friend prefers to curl up, stretch out or flop on their side, we have beds, mats and blankets that will make chasing dream bunnies an even more relaxing experience. After finding the right type of bed for your pooch, our stylish selection of designer fabrics ensures a perfect match for your home. Our washable dog beds are made from pet friendly upholstery fabrics. Whether going on a great adventure or just around the corner, we have a collection of stylish, comfortable, and safe dog carriers for your tail-wagging travelers.

donut & cuddler

Donut dog beds offer your pup a cozy and secure place to rest. Whether your dog likes to curl up or stretch out, these dog beds have been our customers’ favorites for many, many years. Available in up-to-the-minute designer fabrics.

carriers & car accessories

Wanna travel with your pet in style? Choose from our selection of messenger bags, dog totes, and airline-approved pet carriers. Traveling by car? We also have car seat covers and dog car seats that repel pet hair, dirt and moisture to keep your car clean and your dog comfy.

rectangle & round

These dog beds are a fashion statement that suits both your home and your dog’s designer style. They are comfortable dog beds that are designed to remain fluffy and full for years. Using unique fabrics, these dog pillows offer a perfect place to stretch out and snooze.

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