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"I am I because my little dog knows me."

~Gertrude Stein

We all know that Lassie could find her way home, even from miles and miles away, but not all pooches are that proficient. Your dog’s ID Tag is a great way to ensure that if you and your furry friend ever get separated, you're only a phone call away. From sterling silver to enameled pewter we’ve got just the dog ID Tag for you. Every dog and cat must have some form of identification, and it doesn’t hurt when they look fantastic.


One of our most affordable and popular items, our pewter ID Tags have a great selection of styles to suit all personalities. Simple, yet stately, these classic items will help keep your pet safe and stylin’.


We’ve got all the important ID Tag accessories you never knew you needed. Our tag silencer means no more tape on your dog’s tags to keep them from jingling. The barker & meowsky Tag Mover makes changing collars so easy.

silver & brass

Identify your love with a designer ID Tag. We offer many unique ID Tags, sure to meet your dog’s individual style. You know your dog’s ID Tag is fabulous when you are jealous that it is not in your jewelry box.

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