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“A tired dog is a happy dog.”

~everybody, ever.

barker & meowsky has been helping people get their best friends great dog toys for over a decade. Toys help to keep your dog engaged and active while redirecting some of their more troublesome natural instincts. Does your dog like to play fetch? Is a squeaky toy the thing? Are you looking for a great floating toy for a day at the beach? How about finding your furry friend a fun and funny plush dog toy? Whatever your dog needs, we’ve got it; and if we don’t, we’ll find it for you.

enrichment & interactive

Get El Destructo out of the dog house and into the school house with engaging enrichment dog toys that will keep your dog’s body and mind busy and active. One of our favorites, the Leo Interactive dog treat toy, is a terrifically tuggable, fetchable, and above all treat-fillable bouncing puzzle of a toy.

tough toys

While there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy, our tough dog toys are built from durable materials designed to last longer and keep your little chomper engaged. Super-strong stitching, heavy-duty rope, and eco-friendly resilient rubber made from alien technology are all great options to give your dog’s toy a fighting chance.

water friendly toys

What could be more fun for you and your water loving dog than a game of fetch in the lake with a water dog toy? Get your dog in shape with a trip to the pool or beach: swimming is a great way to exercise your dog. Choose from our fantastic selection of innovative floating toys for water friendly fun!

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